Partnering with Pick n Pay's Mentorship programme.

Aimed to help selected businesses enter the retail market by providing mentorship, guidance and business development support.


Seek advice from a Mentor

Small businesses who are part of the mentorship program, can research an appriopriate mentor, request a consultation from the mentor and the mentor will respond with a time and date that suits the both of you.

Once the consultation has completed, provide feedback on the meeting and research a new mentor who can provide your business with invaluable advice.


Listen to podcasts, watch videos and browse photos

Explore a wealth of media content in the app including podcasts featuring recent success stories, and featured mentors, and view photo galleries of recent small business events.


Get the latest News

Get the latest news of our recent success stories, and featured mentees and mentors.


Discover networking opportunities

Get invited to networking events where you can meet fellow mentees, and seek advice from our mentors.


Utilise all the tools and knowledge

Receive all the knowledge and tools you need to run a successfull small business via the resources section in the mobile app.

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